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Happy Holidays!

I am proud to share with you that WRAD, Inc. is still going strong after 26 years serving the needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community in recreational, cultural, and educational events and activities. We have received numerous awards and recognition from all over the world that our recreational organization has received.

This past year we had many events and activities that were very successful and applauded by many members of the community. Some of them were as follows:


  • A Snowboarding and Skiing Deaf Awareness Day at Mountain High in Southern California as we offered group discounts to our group.
  • Our Deaf Awareness Day at 6 Flags Magic Mountain with over 1,000 people attending. It was a smashing success as the theme park provided sign language services and other accessibilities for the deaf group. Some of the shows were also interpreted for the deaf. Frequent pizza nights for the community to meet and interact with other friends and families. We also started a sign language class at our pizza events which has been very popular to date.
  • Monthly gatherings at a local Starbuck's for sign language students to improve their signing skills as well as for the Deaf community to interact with them and other friends within their community.
  • We improved our website by having two volunteers to help design and work on the website.
  • We are proud to be up to date in technology to use the website.
  • We hosted successful Pageants in Italy during the World Deaf Basketball Championships and a Beach party on the beach in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • We also attended the International Deaf Sports Congress in Rome and shared the information about it on our WRAD website.
  • We continued to have Deaf Nights at different nightclubs for people to socialize and to make new friends.
  • We helped our friends raise money to participate in the Deaflympics as athletes.
  • We donated some money for deaf children at schools for their needs.
  • We had booths at exhibitions to promote awareness about our organization and to share with the community about different events and activities.
  • We planned Movie nights for the Deaf community to meet to enjoy seeing foreign and American films with English subtitles or captions that included meetings at restaurants before or after seeing the films.
  • We gave many encouragements and support to other organizations when they are providing their events or activities. Among them were newly films made by Deaf people.
  • We visited schools and colleges and gave talk there about our organization.
  • We had several bicycle days along the beach in Santa Monica, California that were popular among people who love to exercise.


The list goes on and on. This is only a partial list of what we did this past year in 2011. It cost us money to pay volunteers their expenses but we are very happy and proud of our accomplishments. We also had to pay a lot of money for our office operations but it was worth it. Last year we celebrated our 25th anniversary event at Treasure Island in Las Vegas with a Masquerade Party which was a huge success.

WRAD will remain at the forefront of providing first class recreational activities and events as we are the only recreational organization in the world for the deaf to provide such services.

We have wonderful Advisors to our WRAD Board and they keep me as the CEO informed and suggestions when making changes or providing events or activities. We thank them for their time and support.

We have the incredible diversity of our community in our organization as we do not discriminate against anyone, including people who do not to use sign language but support us for their services like real time captioning and other services. Many of us are early deafened people who were either born deaf or became deaf before the age of six so we consider them important part of our organization in leadership roles. We also welcome parents, and hearing people in our activities and events too as we are a one large family of WRAD.

We are continuing to grow but it is costing us money in this hard economic times so we hope you would be happy to make a contribution as we are a tax-deductible nonprofit organization.

The World Recreation Association of the Deaf also known as WRAD, Inc. is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible. Our Tax ID is 95-3963537


Thank You for Your Support!





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