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Best times in Bulgaria

Here are my selected pictures of my recent trip to Bulgaria. I also posted many more pictures in both the WRAD Group page and my personal albums on Facebook if you want to see more of them.

I really had a great trip to Bulgaria especially to attend the Summer Deaflympics and the MMDI Pageant. I have been to many Deaflympics in the past since the first time my parents took me to the one in Washington, DC back in 1965. I think I missed a few maybe three times because I had to attend school or work when the Games were in the winter months like in New Zealand and Australia when it was summer down there and winter here in California.

I also was invited to be the Judge at the MMDI in Sofia, my second time as I
also was one of the Judges in Ankara, Turkey last year. I have a love for the Beauty Pageants as I hosted several of them at parties in the past in Denmark, and Palermo, Italy during the Summer Deaflympics and other International events of the Deaf.

As the CEO of WRAD, I helped to provide lunch for the MMDI Contestants one day as well as volunteered my time to be the Judge and took many pictures.They can be seen in my WRAD Group page and my personal album here on Facebook. The Contestants were wonderful and I had a great time with them especially when Bonita Leek ,the CEO of MMDI, allowed me to give a workshop about my leadership work to the Contestants.

Sofia is Bulgaria's largest city and there are Roman masonry still juts from the walls of city centre churches. The city is very beautiful and I stayed at the Grand Hotel most of my stay in Sofia. The MMDI group stayed there and at Sheraton too. It was not my first time to visit Sofia as I was there twenty years ago for another Summer Deaflympics. Of course times have changed and the first time I visited Sofia it was run by the Soviet Union. Back then the city looked depressed and it was hared to find a good place to eat. This time Sofia is very different and is trying to be like other leading Western Europe cities like Paris and Rome. There were many good places to eat especially at the chain Happy restaurants and others. Prices were still very affordable as compared with other leading cities in Europe.

I really enjoyed myself there and would love to return to Bulgaria in the future to see more of the villages and small towns. I only had time to visit one at Pravets because the Football players stayed there at a beautiful resort with four football fields nearby. The environment looked very much like Austria and Switzerland.

Enjoy the pictures here as I will caption some of them. Remember you can see more of my pictures in my Facebook WRAD group page or my personal albums.





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