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A Trip To Yosemite

Important Announcement

July 25, 2011

I made a reservation to stay at CURRY VILLAGE at Yosemite National Park in Northern California next year for the WRAD Trip from July 22-26, 2012. You better RESERVE now if you want to go because they will be FULL SOON!!!! Yosemite Lodge is ALREADY SOLD OUT! My mistake- some rooms are available at Yosemite Lodge on certain days. Check out the website. www.yosemitepark.com

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First Announcement - July 19, 2011

WRAD is happy to present a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Gathering at Yosemite National Park, California from Sunday July 22, 2012 until Thursday July 26th, 2012 just before the DeafNation World Expo in Las Vegas from July 29- August 1, 2012. We will have WRAD gathering to go bike riding as a group, river rafting, hiking, and of course evening programs with captioning and sign language interpreters including films and having National Park Ranger with us. You have a choice to stay at different accommodations at Yosemite BUT you MUST MUST reserve a place to stay at YOSEMITE NOW as they are always FULLY BOOKED in the summer!!!!!! Here is the information where to stay at Yosemite:

To make reservations call 801-559-5000 (VOICE ONLY)
Monday to Friday- 7am to 8pm PST
Saturday and Sunday 7am to 7pm- PST
or visit YosemitePark.com



Accommodations on the Valley Floor:

1. Curry Village ( VERY NICE!!!!!) Right in Heart of Yosemite. A great place to stay for camping with comfort un rustic canvas tent cabins and hard sided cabins.

2. Yosemite Lodge At The Falls- A very beautiful Lodge as you can see the Yosemite Falls in that location!!!!!

3. Idyllic spot for families, group retreats, and visitors seeking the comforts of a hotel after an exciting day exploring the wilderness.

4. The Ahwahnee- Yosemite's historic 4-DIAMOND Hotel. Beautiful but expensive hotel not far from Yosemite Lodge.

5. Housekeeping Camp- Located along the section of the Merced River. It is the ideal location for those who like to camp outdoors without the hassle of setting up a tent. It is the only lodging option that includes a campfire ring, perfect for outdoor cooking.



WRAD will have different activities between Sunday July 22 and Thursday July 26th including campfire, bike riding, river rafting, horseback riding, evening programs, and more. We will post the daily schedules on our website and here on Facebook on this page later.

We do not want to go there on a weekend because it is always crowded and the accommodations are full but if you want to be there after our WRAD events, you can do so and make your own reservations.

Let me know if you want to volunteer to plan events with the WRAD group. We will have sign language interpreters and a National Park Ranger with us when ever we need them.

Here are the recent photos that Bruce Gross took at Yosemite:

facebook Yosemite Photos and Detailed information about Deaf Services at Yosemite:


Click here to read Yosemite Deaf Services Brochure

For hotel/camping reservations on-line:


Hope to see you at Yosemite and let us know if you are coming so we can put you on our list. Please make your own hotel or camping accommodations through Yosemite Park, NOT us.

There is NO Admission or registration fees charged by WRAD. Everyone is welcome to Yosemite and have a great time.

Disabled people including deaf and hard of hearing people can enter Yosemite or any National Parks in the USA with a Golden Access Passport card for free. Just go to the entrance gate and tell them you are deaf or hard of hearing or disabled, they will give you the Golden Access Passport on spot. Very easy!

See you at Yosemite next July 2012!!!!!!

All the best,
Bruce Gross

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